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The senseBox is a do-it-yourself kit for stationary and mobile sensor stations – the Citizen Science Toolkit.

  • Unit: degrees Celsius
  • Sensor: HDC1008
  • Unit: relative humidity, %
  • Sensor: HDC1008
  • Unit: μW/cm2 (UV-Index)
  • Sensor: VEML6070

With senseBox , citizens and schools are able to collect environmental data using sensors for climate (weather, air quality), transport (traffic desity or noise pollution) and many more phenomena to find out more about the environment.

The data collected is being published as open data on the openSenseMap.

Citizens with senseBox:home can use the technology for their own local research, to collect data by themselves or to allow the senseBox to collect data for them.

Additionally, there is senseBox:edu created for schools and junior scientists, which is an experimental box with didactical concepts, instructions and project ideas included.

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